100% Cruelty-Free Scandinavian Skincare For The Medical & Healthcare Industries. 
Halal Certified Since 2015 


Thirtyfive Years of Research

in Effective, Healing Skincare

Dedication To Healing And Care For All Skintypes

Since 1981, Lingit Denmark has been developing and producing high-quality skincare for the medical and healthcare industries in Scandinavia. All of our products are carefully developed and tested to ensure ultimate functionality, transparency and purity. With three decades of continuous and dedicated research, we are able to provide a completely cruelty-free, yet highly effective healing and care system for all skintypes.  

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Thoroughly Tested Skincare For The Medical Industry Since 1981

In order to meet our high demands for quality and transparency, we keep testing and updating our products, so that users, whether patients or professionals, are able to identify (the purpose of) every single ingredient.

Our mission to create pure products that work urges us to look at the functionality of each and every ingredient. Unless it has a direct and beneficial purpose, it will never appear in our products.

We Put The 'Care' In Skincare​:
100% Cruelty-Free Products


We wish to provide effective healing for those who use our products - and we could stop at that, yet we don't. How can we offer true healing if the making of our products inflicts suffering on animals?

To offer true healing and well-being, we believing in creating products that are completely cruelty-free. None of our products involve testing on or ingredients from animals. Transperancy and trustworthiness do not only come from a clear list of ingredients, but also from walking your talk.

Featuring Since 2015:
Halal Certification


As the first-ever skincare company in the medical and healthcare industries, Lingit Denmark is the proud holder of a Halal Certificate. We wish to address a long-standing need for the certification of a pure and effective skincare line with a medical purpose. 

The Halal Certificate, which we received in 2015, is part of our effort to provide a skincare system for the medical industry which is both transparent and trustworthy.

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