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The skin is our largest organ and protects us from harmful influences in our external environment. Skin problems or diseases affect our health and quality of life. Thus, healthy skin is an important part of our overall health and wellbeing.

Lingit Denmark is proud to present a complete Halal-certified skincare line that is documented for its healing properties as part of either a treatment or preventive health plan. 

Lingit Lingisan Salve

This deeply moisturizing ointment is particulary well-suited for large-scale industrial use like farming, cleaning, etc.

Lingit Camomile Creme

A wonderful mild creme, especially suitable for young children in the day care and kindergarten age range.

Lingit Emu Creme

The Emu Creme is a long-standing favorite, and is particularly popular with patients who suffer from rain scald.

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"I really look forward to seeing Lingit's Carbamid Shampoo on the shelves. It's going to close a huge gap in the market."

- Mette Elsborg, Pharmacist

"I've been using Lingit's products for more than five years, some of them personally, others for patients. I really like the Emu Creme, it truly works wonders."

- Matthias Gerber, Dermatologist

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